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Sofa Love

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Lovemaking is gentle and passionate on the Sofa Love.

This Tantric Sofa is specially designed to blend in with your intimate moments. Its aspect is made to put the legs on either side of the sofa without difficulty. The seat offers perfect support for the pelvis area.

The furniture is both sturdy and nice to watch. This special sofa sports a luxurious finish that will bring a modern touch to your home.

Data sheet

Small Medium King Size
Reference Sofa-Love-Small Sofa-Love-Medium Sofa-Love-King-Size
Length 158 cm 175 cm 188 cm
Width  36 cm 40 cm 40 cm
Height 1 64 cm 75 cm 78 cm
Height 2 38 cm 48 cm 50 cm
Sofa Material Synthetic Leather
Foot size 10 x 10 mm
Foot material Wood
Delivery status New
Dimensions of the box 160 x 40 x 66 cm 177 x 42 x 77 cm 190 x 42 x 80 cm
Weight 16 Kg 24 Kg 31 Kg
Wood material Eucalyptus Robusta Smith
Maximum weight supported 250 Kg
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love position

An unique shape
Sofa Love shape was designed to reduce tensions on joints in key areas like the back, arm and leg muscles. It is recommended in all cases to often change postures in order to not overdo a unique position and in prime prolong the action to satiety!
Curved edges
The curved edges ensure you flawless security during your sexual acrobatics. The curved surface allows you to comfortably adjust the angle of the pelvis according to your desires! This Tantric Sofa pledges to break the routine by providing optimal support to suit your requirements. The hollow area allows partners to explore a variety of position. The upper arc of Sofa Love can serve as back support and can according to chosen posture accommodate the neck, abdomen or chest. One partner can rest on the ground with his (her) feet or knees.
Synthetic leather resistant coating
Concern for health is also at the heart of the design of this exceptional furniture. The Sofa Love is strapped with a synthetic leather stain resistant coating.
Kamasutra for spicing up your lovemaking
Get inspired by the best of the Kamasutra positions to spice up your lovemaking. Thanks to Sofa Love, all postures can be adapted to your morphology. If for instance a partner has a fragile back, he can choose to stand or sit astride keeping the back straight.
Sofa Love for your intimacy
The Love Sofa is designed to optimize your intimacy. It is ideal for making love, but also to relax, read or just chat eyes in the eyes! Sexual life cannot do without a good dose of romance. Dare any positions fluidly and naturally with this modern tantric sofa. The Sofa Love incorporates a pretty optimal density pad to ensure its longevity in time.
Treat yourself to different positions
Standing, sitting, or lying on your back or stomach ... each partner can choose his or her favorite position without giving up on comfort. The arcs of Sofa Love are carefully angled to facilitate movements of back and forth.

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Sofa Love Size
Small Médium King Size
Length 156 cm 175 cm 188 cm
Width 35 cm 46 cm 42 cm
First height 63 cm 76 cm 78 cm
Second height 36 cm 48 cm 48 cm
Weight 16 Kg 24 Kg 31 Kg
Coatings for Sofa Love
Three colors available for the Sofa Love
- Red
- Black
- White
Delivery and packaging
Delivery made by a carrier on pallets to avoid potential damage during transportation.

Box dimensions :
Small Médium King Size
Length 158 cm 177 cm 190 cm
Width 37 cm 48 cm 44 cm
First height 65 cm 78 cm 80 cm
Second height 38 cm 50 cm 50 cm

Customer comments

  • Carole and Mathieu

    We have purchased a Sofa Love lately. We are really pleased with this choice. It's unbelievable how it opens the horizons to having a space of intimacy in which one can be face to face, close to each other and comfortable.

  • Alexandra and Adrien

    To celebrate our wedding anniversary, we spice up the evening by inaugurating our erotic sofa and we spent an evening full of very pleasant surprises. It had been delivered to us as we wanted and in addition it is beautiful.

  • Jean

    It's much easier for me to master myself on the Love Sofa than on the bed. The horizontal position of the bed is very unfavorable to the control of ejaculation. On the Tantric Sofa I have no worries at this level.

  • Kayron and Mélissa

    It's simple, it's been a year that we have it, every time we make love on it, we discover new variants. We never reproduce exactly the same thing on the Tantric Sofa.

  • François

    Its width is practical to be comfortable with the legs on both sides. This is extremely important to me and in my experience with the Sofa Love.

  • Éric

    People do not just want positions; people want to be together, intimate, close, accessible to each other AND comfortable. This is especially for me the strength of this piece of furniture.

  • Moussa

    I was not too fond of massage, especially to give however on the Tantric Sofa it comes naturally. On the bed we make oil stains, the advantage on the Tantric Sofa, you can put as much oil as you want all over the body, the leather is super easy to clean.

  • Ahmed and Alexia

    What we do a lot and that's great is body to body massages. That is to say that we massage one another with our body. Instead of using the hands one uses the chest, belly, buttocks. It is really easy on this piece of furniture. One can be the entire body full of oil, cream chantilly or melted chocolate without complex ...

  • Marjolaine

    It's super comfortable and the curves provide infinity of angles and variations to explore. The feet on the floor give a perfect fit and balance, and, without seeing it, it changes the sex ... What changes the sex also it is all this space around oneself, this sensation of freedom to be able to switch back and forth that does not exist at all on the bed.

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